Over 3 years experience working across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, providing Osteopathy to amateur and semi-professional athletes combined with treatment of the wider community in practice. 




Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that uses both medical and musculoskeletal diagnosis to help treat and prevent the symptoms you're experiencing. By working to restore balance within the structural and functional components of the whole body and not just the site of pain, we believe a better outcome can be achieved. 

Osteopathic training takes 4-5 years, including 1000 undergraduate hours of hands on clinical teaching alongside academic studies and research. This training allows Osteopaths to become skilled practitioners in musculoskeletal injuries.   

Alongside Osteopathy a combination of massage techniques, dry needling and sports taping may be used in your treatment plan to provide the highest level of care to optimise your recovery and longer term prevention.  



Sports massage is most beneficial to those who play sport or maintain some level of physical activity.  This style of treatment compliments Osteopathy by increasing range of motion, reducing stiffness and soreness of the muscles after exercise and improving overall performance.   

Alongside Osteopathy, Sports massage techniques may be used to improve muscle tension and target deeper areas within the muscles. Laura holds a Level 3 Sports massage diploma to broaden her technique skill set, and widen her knowledge around Sports specific treatments. 


Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle form of Osteopathy and can be used in the treatment of all ages, but particularly useful in babies and younger children where more structural based approaches are not suitable.

Your Osteopath will use their palpation (trained sense of touch) to feel subtle changes in tension throughout the body, present in the varying layers of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and fascia. During the diagnostic part of treatment your Osteopath will be drawn to areas of trauma or past injury, for baby’s child birth can be highly traumatic that is often overlooked.




Sports taping isn't just for athletes.  It can be beneficial in supporting your recovery, particularly if the body's proprioception needs re-educating to accelerate recovery and prevent recurring injury.  

To support your Osteopathic treatment, Sports taping techniques may be used to help apply compression or decompression corrective forces and drainage. Laura has completed additional training to qualify her in the use and application of sports taping and kinesiology taping both in a clinical setting and pitch-side environment. 


Dry Needling is a technique of Western Medical Acupuncture where fine needles are inserted into the skin and muscle tissue. The needles can then be stimulated to bring about desired treatment effects. This can be used directly on myofascial trigger points or used for intramuscular stimulation. It can be beneficial in the treatment of muscle knots (trigger points), muscle pain and spasms.

Our Osteopaths are certified and insured in Dry Needling, and may offer this as a treatment option alongside Osteopathic techniques and Sports massage to give you the best quality care and optimise your recovery. 



Exercise advice and rehabilitation is an important part of your patient journey with Laura Fishlock Osteopathy. Exercises are a great way to manage your symptoms outside of the treatment room, as they help get your muscles and joints moving, improve circulation and reduce pain. As part of your treatment plan we may give you tailored exercises designed to target areas of imbalance and improve function.


Our team are experienced in Sports Osteopathy and within this role work closely with amateur and semi-professional athletes providing treatment and exercise advice to optimise return from injury and improve performance .  

"It's not always about trying to fix something that's broken.

It's about maintaining what you've got and making it better!"


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