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"The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free."


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is designed to explore underlying causes from past experiences and their impact on your present day life. The approach aims to create lasting change, by recognising patterns and their influence on our choices, we can choose the path we wish to take. 

Counselling sessions are delivered bespoke to your needs in a warm and safe environment. For young people sessions may be delivered in a creative way in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the session in a way the child feels comfortable.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be offered in person at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy in Hungerford, online or as walking sessions at Hungerford common. 

For more information please contact us by phone 07733201225 or email 

Rollo May

Counselling Price List 

Adult sessions - £65

Child session (11+) - £65

Please enquire for online and walking counselling sessions in Hungerford.

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