"The body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts"


Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that uses both medical and musculoskeletal diagnosis to help treat and prevent your symptoms. By working to restore balance within the structural and functional components of the whole body and not just the site of pain, we believe a better outcome can be achieved. 

Osteopathic training takes 4-5 years, including 1000 undergraduate hours of hands on clinical teaching alongside academic studies and research. This training allows Osteopaths to become skilled practitioners in musculoskeletal injuries.   

Alongside Osteopathy a combination of massage techniques, dry needling and sports taping may be used in your treatment plan to provide the highest level of care to optimise your recovery and longer term prevention.  

For more information please contact us by phone 07733201225 or email info@laurafishlockosteopathy.co.uk 

Hermann Biggs