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Antonia Butler M.Ost. 

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Antonia gained her Masters degree in Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy.


Antonia has a sporting background in trampolining, netball and running which gave her valuable insight into sporting injuries and their treatments. Antonia gained her qualification in Sports Massage therapy and has experience working with a broad range of individuals from sedentary lifestyles to elite level athletes and understands the impacts that sport has on athletes and how different lifestyle factors influence individuals. 

Antonia prides herself on providing osteopathic care for all including treating general and sporting injuries but also preventing injuries. She enjoys working with her patients to help them manage their pain and helping them understand the cause and prevent further injuries. 

Antonia has a special interest within the field of women's health, working through various life stages from adolescence to menopause. She gained her qualification in pregnancy massage to provide a combination of treatments best suited to you and to provide relief to the body from the aches and pains. 

When she is not practicing osteopathy, you can often find her in the gym, enjoying the outdoors or baking.

“Amazing Osteopath, who makes you feel comfortable whilst maintaining a professional manner. She is very knowledgeable and takes pride in her work.” 

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