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Isabel Oettinger M.Ost. 

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Isabel trained as an Osteopath at the University College of Osteopathy in London. From a personal perspective, she has developed a particular interest in patients of all ages on the autism spectrum and women's health problems. She also has a special interest in musicians and how playing different instruments, voice and posture affect the body. 

Additional techniques available within Osteopathy include Harmonics technique, Still technique and Cranial Osteopathy. These are very gentle forms of treatment suitable for all ages which can be incorporated into Osteopathic techniques or treated separately depending on the individual.  

Outside of Osteopathy, Isabel is a mum to two lively teenagers, is an amateur musician and plays badminton and tennis. 

"Preventative treatment is better than firefighting symptoms,

when they've been left too long."

“Amazing Osteopath, who makes you feel comfortable whilst maintaining a professional manner. She is very knowledgeable and takes pride in her work.” 

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