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Gift wrapping tips to save your back

The last thing you want for Christmas is a bad back, so we've put together our Christmas gift wrapping tips to ensure you don't invite those unwanted aches and pains to the festivities. Unless you've managed to wiggle your way out of gift giving this year or have mastered the art of wrapping, check out these tips to reduce your injury risk and save time.

  1. Plan your wrapping - Somethings are just not meant to be wrapped, I'm sure you've all been there, we certainly have. To save time assess what presents can be gifted in a box or bag. If you still want to wrap the more fiddly gifts save cardboard boxes and wrap the box as a whole instead, it saves the frustration and will be less time consuming. There are lots of nifty paper cutters and tape dispensers that can make wrapping a walk in the park and save time also.

  2. Plan your time - wrapping doesn't need to be left to the last minute. Small wrapping breaks scheduled following an online delivery or shopping spree is a great way to keep on top of it a little a time. Worried you'll forget what you've wrapped keep a list. You can even break up the wrapping throughout the day by planning your time ahead.

  3. Don't sit on the floor - sitting on the floor is the worst position for your back a) you're going to be stooped over b) you could be here a long time c) you'll be twisting and reaching putting your back in a vulnerable position to injury. To avoid it make sure you wrap sitting at the table with all your supplies in close reach or standing using a high surface like the 'ironing board hack'.

  4. Take breaks - like with any activity that takes time and leaves you in one position be sure to take regular movement breaks to ensure your muscles are supporting your posture and not reaching fatigue from sustained postures, especially when it comes to your neck and back.

If you choose not to follow our present wrapping tips and end up needing an appointment before Christmas day check out all our available appointments over the festive period online.

Happy Christmas!

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