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Preventing slips, trips & falls this Autumn

As the autumn is upon us, injury prevention comes with new challenges in slips, trips and falls. With the clocks set to fall back in the coming weeks, visibility of what’s underfoot and the leaves dropping makes the surfaces in which we tread become a heightened risk. With the declining temperatures and increased likelihood of wetter weather the paths will become the cause of injury for pedestrians.

As we age falls can become more common. From distress to broken bones they’re never a welcomed surprise, so what can you do to keep steady on your feet this autumn.

1. Footwear - be sure to wear shoes that are a good fit and can be fastened securely. For wintery conditions selecting footwear with a good tread pattern for grip will help you stay upright and feel more confident when walking on slippery surfaces.

2. Eyes & Ears - your sight and hearing influence your body’s ability to balance so ensuring your hearing and vision are in good order is important. If you’re concerned, book a sight and/or hearing test to get this checked.

3. Exercise - coordination, strength and balance activities are all great ways to exercise your body’s balance system. Keeping moving improves your body’s processing of your environment and reduces the likelihood of falls.

4. Diet & Hydration - what you fuel your body with can influence balance with vitamin and mineral deficiencies contributing to an increased risk in falls. Especially in the winter looking at other sources of vitamin D can help.

5. Environment - reducing your fall risks in your environment is an important factor. At home ensure loose cables/ wires are tidied off the ground, with the wetter weather mop up puddles and footprints, and avoid cluttering up those walkways.

The more you focus on training your balance, the better your balance will be.

For further advice on fall prevention or injury management get in touch with our team at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy or book online at

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