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Why do I have Tennis or Golfer's elbow without playing the Sport?

Tennis and Golfer's elbow are both considered types of tendonitis of the elbow, specifically epicondylitis referring to the insertion of respective tendons on the epicondyle of the humerus bone.

Although in layman's terms referred to as Tennis and Golfer's elbow, there are an array of causes that can cause tendonitis of the forearm flexor and extensor muscle groups aside of tennis and golfing injuries.

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Getting its name from the force of a tennis racket during a backhand shot, Tennis or racquet sports are one of the causes the list includes;

  • Throwing sports such as javelin or discus

  • Repeated use of hand tools like gardening shears, screwdrivers and scissors

  • Overstrain of forearm muscles in repetitive activities e.g. decorating

  • Fine, repetitive hand and wrist movements like typing or sewing

  • Activities with repeated elbow flexion such as musical instruments like the violin

Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

Golfer's elbow is commonly caused by excessive or forceful actions of the hand and wrist. So other than golf what could be causing my elbow pain?

  • Racket sports - poor technique and incorrect equipment

  • Throwing sports - forceful or repetitive training

  • Weight training - poor technique

  • Forceful or repetitive work related movements

What can I do to prevent tendonitis of the elbow?

  • Grip - instead of gripping turn your palms towards your body when lifting

  • Equipment - lighter weight tools and sports equipment as well as grip size

  • Recruit global arm muscle power instead of fine muscle strength

  • Reduce time of repetitive activities or take regular breaks and alternate between tasks

What can I do if I'm suffering with elbow pain?

  • Self massage of the forearm

  • Elbow brace for tendonitis to overload the strain on the tendon

  • Ice over the elbow joint

  • Seek expert advice

Need further help with your elbow pain, get in touch with our team by phone (07787721572), email ( or book online now.

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