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8 Common Myths about Back Pain

Back pain is a prevalent condition that affects countless individuals worldwide. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding back pain that can hinder proper understanding and effective treatment. In this blog post, our expert team at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy aims to debunk eight common myths about back pain, providing valuable insights to help you navigate this often-misunderstood condition.

Myth 1: Bed Rest Is the Best Solution

Fact 1: While rest is important during the acute phase of back pain, prolonged bed rest can actually worsen the condition. It is important to stay active and maintain gentle movement to promote blood circulation, flexibility, and muscle strength, all of which are crucial for relieving back pain.

Myth 2: Only Elderly People Experience Back Pain

Fact 2: Back pain can affect individuals of all ages, including young adults and even children. Factors such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, and incorrect lifting techniques can contribute to back pain regardless of age. While age-related changes can contribute to back pain, it is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

Myth 3: Exercise Will Make Back Pain Worse

Fact 3: Engaging in appropriate exercises can actually help manage and prevent back pain. Osteopathy provides tailored exercise programs that strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility, and support overall spinal health.

Myth 4: Back Pain Equals Spinal Damage

Fact 4: Not all back pain indicates serious spinal damage. In many cases, it is caused by muscle strain, poor posture, or inflammation. Understanding the root cause of your problem is important in both reassurance and seeking the correct help for your recovery.

Myth 5: Surgery Is the Only Solution for Chronic Back Pain

Fact: Surgery is rarely the first-line treatment for chronic back pain. Osteopathy offers non-invasive and drug-free alternatives to address chronic pain, including manual therapy, mobilisation techniques, gentle manipulation to relieve pain, improve function, and avoid the need for surgery, alongside exercise advice and lifestyle modifications.

Myth 6: Painkillers Are the Long-Term Solution

Fact 6: Relying solely on painkillers for back pain management can lead to dependency and mask underlying issues. Laura Fishlock Osteopathy emphasises a holistic approach, aiming to address the root cause of pain and reduce reliance on medication. In some cases medication may be the correct root to assist with your return to normal movement or enable you to manage flare ups of pain but shouldn't be seen as the solution.

Myth 7: Heavy Lifting Always Causes Back Pain

Fact 7: While heavy lifting can strain the back if done incorrectly, it is not always the sole cause of back pain. Proper lifting techniques and maintaining a strong core can minimise the risk of injury. Osteopathy can provide guidance on safe lifting practices and often you'll get advice from our team to keep you on track with your training even if in the short term modifications have to be made and scaling back whilst pain is present to rebuild the foundation for prevention of back pain recurrence.

Myth 8: Back Pain Will Resolve on Its Own

Fact 8: Back pain can become chronic if left untreated. Some back pain causes may appear to resolve on their own, but in some cases this is the body's compensatory method masking the root cause behind the problem and allowing your brain to believe you can continue to function without addressing the problem. So regardless of how small your back pain complaint may seem sometimes it is best advised to seek professional help, such as that provided by our team at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy, who can prevent the pain from becoming a long-term issue and promote faster recovery.

Dispelling common myths about back pain is essential to promoting proper understanding and effective treatment. At Laura Fishlock Osteopathy, our expert team is dedicated to providing holistic care and debunking misconceptions surrounding back pain. Through tailored osteopathy treatments, manual therapy, exercise programs, and lifestyle modifications, we can help you find relief from back pain, restore your mobility, and improve your overall quality of life. Don't let myths dictate your perception of back pain—reach out to Laura Fishlock Osteopathy and take the first step towards a pain-free and healthy back.

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