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Caring for the whole family

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Ever wondered why you might take your little one to see the Osteopath? Or maybe even why you would need to see an Osteopath yourself?

Osteopathy is a safe and effective hands on therapy used in the diagnosis and treatment of various injuries and health conditions. It can be used in acute and chronic pain management and can be used as prevention to keep you pain free and moving better.

Just like adults our little ones are sometimes in need of a little Osteopathy to help with past trauma and injury, this can occur during the birthing process or as they develop and learn to stand on their own taking a stumble or two along the way.

Why might I bring my child for treatment?

Children and babies are forever taking a tumble, or bump as they learn movement patterns as they grow and develop. Although at the time a small knock or a few tears might not symbolise much, this is often the starting point for imbalances and compensatory patterns to begin. We commonly see babies for birth trauma and unsettledness bought on by growth spurts, whilst infants through to adolescence injuries mimic those of adults, so more likely to see muscle injuries, strains and sprains.

Osteopathy is suitable for all ages and safe in the treatment of babies and children. With Cranial Osteopathy using gentle touch to restore balance, as well as reduce pain and discomfort experienced by your little ones. Osteopaths are highly skilled in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal imbalances from muscles, tendons and ligaments to fascial connections located throughout the body.

Why choose Laura Fishlock Osteopathy?

As part of this partnership with West Berkshire Family Life we're offering a 10% discount when visiting us at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy, valid at all locations.

Here at Laura Fishlock Osteopathy our team is passionate about caring for the whole family. From newborns to 100 years old, Laura has experience working with patients of all ages to get them the desired outcome.

We believe in preventative healthcare, getting you the longer term solution. By educating attitudes to wellbeing and recovery, we empower patients to be self-sufficient, keeping them accountable for their recovery. Want a better approach to managing your aches and pain?

Book online now! or give our reception team a call 07733201225 (please quote West Berks Family Life when booking and bring your membership card to your appointment).

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