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Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergies

Hay Fever is one of the conditions I worked on a personal level with my son and with other

clients and achieved 100% results and relief.

I am so confident that I can help anyone to overcome Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergies through

Kinesiology and Stress Management.

What Causes Hay Fever?

The pollens of trees, grass and flowers. Although we have had nature all through out human

history Hay Fever rates have gone up dramatically in the last 30 years. Some of the reasons

the studies suggest is cleaning products, crops being sprayed with chemicals, carpets, high

stress levels and fast foods/additives in the packaged foods etc.

In my practice I have come across that Hay Fever is related to low immunity (people with

compromised immune systems including pregnant women are more likely to suffer with Hay

Fever) and impaired gut flora.

Hay Fever Symptoms:

 Congestion of the upper respiratory tract

 Runny/itchy nose and eyes

 Sneezing

 Asthma

 Eczema

How to Treat Hay Fever Naturally with Kinesiology?

We don’t just treat the symptoms in Kinesiology, we look further and find out what causes it

in the 1 st place!

Typical Kinesiology treatment for Hay Fever consists of finding the right Antioxidant for the

client, everyone’s needs are different so we make sure we find the right supplements for the


This is followed by thorough Lymphatic Drainage to move the toxins out of the body so body

can start recovering.

It is followed by food Intolerance testing to see if any of the allergic foods are contributing

into the Seasonal Allergies. If found any, I recommend a withdrawal period and replace them

with other nourishing foods.

Checking the digestive system and finding the right supplements (digestive aids, probiotics,

gentle colon cleansers) to support it is essential for building the gut and helping the immune


Lungs need to be checked to see if they are functioning properly. If needed be they’ll be

treated accordingly.

Adrenal/Hormonal System plays a big role in immunity so if there are any areas within the

Endocrine System needs supporting kinesiological methods help with this procedure.

Using other hay fever related kinesiological techniques such as dural torque and acupressure

massage will help with hay fever.

Things to Do at Home:

Drink plenty of pure water so you are hydrated

Minimise the caffeine and alcohol intake

Have regular showers to wash of the pollens

Use coconut oil to seal the nostrils

Eat a clean diet consisting of Organic fresh fruit and vegetables

Take supplements to support immunity and digestion

Eating local honey

Drink bone broth (helps both with immunity and repairing the gut flora)

Reducing stress levels through walks in nature, meditation, yoga etc

My Son’s Story:

He was 6 years old when he had his 1 st Hay Fever attack. I am calling it an attack because it

was shocking to see his eye balls bulging out of the sockets after being exposed to some tall

grass. We were so worried we ended up taking him to the AE but they couldn’t do anything

apart from giving him some antihistamines.

We tried everything, conventional and holistic but nothing completely sorted him out until I

was introduced to Kinesiology.

I then found the right supplements for him just using his muscles to test. I also found out

that he was intolerant to Gluten so we cut that out completely. Introduced probiotics and

fed him on organic high nutrient diet with lots of vegetable soups with bone broth. I did

work with his digestion through Kinesiology.

It was a miracle and he no longer suffers with Hay Fever thanks to Kinesiology.

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