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Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

Did you know Osteopaths treat more than just backs?

Sports injuries are a hindrance to our progression and the enjoyment we get when we exercise. Whether you’re an amateur or an elite athlete, belong to a local sports team or workout at the gym, sports injuries could affect you. Here are the reasons why and how Osteopathy could help.

There are 2 types of sports injuries – traumatic and overuse. With most sporting injuries caused during motion.

Traumatic – an injury caused by an external force like a fall or blow/contact to the body that results in sudden damage and often requires medical attention.

Overuse – an injury resulting from repetitive use, stress or minor trauma to soft tissue structures, without adequate rest or healing time between activities.

The likelihood of injury is then influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Intrinsic – refers to your body, this could include joint misalignment, muscle or postural imbalance and previous injury.

Extrinsic – refers to the environmental factors, from the climate and playing surface down to equipment and even your sporting level.

An Osteopath can help in the diagnosis and management by treating the soft tissue structures associated with the injury suffered and speed recovery by assisting in the rehabilitation process. You don’t need to have a sports injury to see an Osteopath if you feel your posture and limitations in mobility are predisposing you to a sporting injury or management and rehabilitation of an existing or previous injury could improve your performance and prevent re-injury Osteopathy can help you.

Tips to remember

1. Warm up/ warm down

2. Graduated return from injury

3. Alternate types of exercise

4. Follow injury protocol

5. Hydration

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