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What to expect when you’re expecting... from an Osteopathic Consultation

Osteopathy is recognised as a suitable therapeutic approach in the treatment of pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints. Common symptoms expecting mothers will see an Osteopath for during their pregnancy include low back pain, mid thoracic pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and generalised aches/ pains. Other symptoms may include carpal tunnel, headaches, digestive and/or circulatory problems ie. indigestion, cramps and swelling.

Pregnancy and Osteopathy

During pregnancy hormonal and physiological changes alter the body’s structure and function to optimise and facilitate child bearing, however this doesn’t always make for the most comfortable of pregnancies for mum. Muscles tighten and stretch as the body adapts its posture to support growth of bump giving rise to muscle and joint pain.

Your experience of pregnancy is very individual and for some Relaxin can be the facilitator of pregnancy related pain around the 10-12 week mark. Relaxin has an important role in softening ligaments to allow our pelvis to adapt for child birth. Other symptoms often take effect by the second trimester as the body makes more drastic postural and physiological changes to support your baby’s growth.

Osteopathy can help support mother and baby through the pregnancy and post-natal to allow the body to best adapt to the changes it undergoes.

Is Osteopathy safe during pregnancy?

Yes. Osteopathic treatment is safe for mum and baby with techniques carefully chosen to minimise any risk to the pregnancy. If you’ve had Osteopathy before you may experience different techniques as some are contraindicated in pregnancy and will be excluded from treatment until safe to use.

What to expect during an Osteopathic consultation?

An initial consultation will begin with a full detailed history including presenting complaint, medical health and lifestyle factors to understand the cause of your symptoms. Within this history specific questions to your pregnancy and/or birth will be covered. A follow up appointment includes a shorter case history where a detailed update of your symptoms and response to treatment is recorded, as well as progression of your pregnancy.

At any appointment type this is then followed by an examination where your posture and movement test will be observed. Once the examination is complete a diagnosis and treatment plan can reached. Once these have been discussed and consent to treatment is gained, Osteopathic techniques will be used to form the treatment. For your comfort during treatment leggings and vest can be worn. During treatment your Osteopath will check you are comfortable, should any position be contraindicated, difficult or uncomfortable there are other techniques that will be chosen to help you out of pain.

Can I see my Osteopath for an existing complaint now I’m expecting?

If you were receiving treatment prior to pregnancy or need treatment for an existing complaint that has been exacerbated by pregnancy, Osteopathy can help. Osteopathic techniques can be tailored to individual patients and treatment positions can be varied to give you the best care and support for you, your bump and the stage of your pregnancy.

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